Backpackers Camp Gokarna: Explore the beauty of Gokarna, get together with 10 entrepreneurs, creators, doers and thinkers from all around India.


Welcoming 10 Entrepreneurs from all over India to join us in this camp. Since we are in GoKarna, We'll explore local good for dinner.


We want this camp to be extremely random, no plans in advance. No schedule. Just exploring on the way.

2 Days Backpacking

We wanted the participants to take some time off and enjoy the nature. 2 days of backpacking on the lowest budget.


  • GoKarna
    Karnataka, India

  • July 8th – 10th, 2017

  • 10 Seats Available

  • Applications

Travel & Explore

We founded Milo Workaway with a passion to being together thinkers, doers and entrepreneurs at one place and spend amazing time together brainstorming and taking their own venture to another scale, either while you are the camp and even after that. We only follow one motto "Do It Now' If you gonna help someone, do it now. Don't miss the opportunity to network, travel, intense brainstorming and execution at our Workaway Camp Goa with a view of the serene. See you there.

Meet the Team

Chirag Dodiya

Chirag Dodiya

Makes Things Happens

Rahul Ahuja

Rahul Ahuja

Operations Guy

Manan Patel

Manan Patel

Man with a Camera



There are some common questions which we’ve listed here. If you still have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

What’s Included in the price?

The pricing includes your villa stay, food, activities and other expenses involved. Excluding your to/from traveling fares.

How is the accomodation?

All accommodation is on a share basis, which means you will be sharing room with 1-2 others depending on location. You will be notified prior about your accommodation with relevant options available for you.

What food will be served?

Since we are in beautiful Goa, our chef will make us traditional goan food. During the day we will have snacks and cold beverages available at all time. If you are allergic, a vegetarian or you want to make us aware of something regarding the food. Please write it in the comments when you apply or send us an email at

Do I need to own a business?

Not necessarily, but we do focus each camp on a certain specific theme. Our current Goa camp is focused on collaboration and helping each other. You can be skilled in a specific sector and if that is helpful for everyone else. You will definitely be selected.

Which payment gateways do you accept?

We process payments via Instamojo, any national and international debit and credit card payments are accepted.

What should I bring on this camp?

The essentials are your computer, camera, walking shoes and a positive mindset. The weather changes from day to night, so bring along whatever you feel comfortable in. In the villa we are staying in, it is also possible to take a swim in our private pool, so bring your swimsuit – we have towels. Do bring in power banks for your own backups. We got you covered on the internet.

What kind of people will be joining this camp?

Our Goan Workaway Camp is focusing on bringing startup entrepreneurs from various sectors to one place. You will be able to meet people who are experts in a certain specific field and resourceful with a positive mindset to help each other.

Do I need to participate in every activity?

Everything is volunteer. We do recommend you join our custom made program during the time, to get the ultimate experience. There will be plenty of time in between sessions and activities to relax, work or to do whatever you feel like.

Do I need to prepare anything?

It’s always good to be prepared. Everything you need to prepare, we will let you know in decent time before the trip. It would be things like, what are your expectations, what are your contribution in this group, what challenges do have, and which have you conquered etc. Before all of our trips, we create a WhatsApp group for all the participants to engage. This will happen around a week before the trip. We will send out emails and let you know when time is

I have some more questions, where should I contact?

Contact Chirag Dodiya (manager) at:, +91 9004084436 We will answer as quickly as possible. Looking forward hearing from you.


Karnataka, India


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